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The purpose of the website is to promote your company’s name to a global market we have identified.

This includes a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress and Joomla which is used to write, edit and delete the content of the website.


Savvy Web Pvt. Ltd. will provide the following services during the development of your website:

Develop a page layout, look and feel to be used throughout the site using your existing SW package with your guidance using one of the standard SW templates. Register a domain name for you using SW as you request, we will review your domain name and help you to choose just the right one for your website. Domain name with possibly a word related to company’s name or service at either the start or the end to let your visitors know exactly what your site is about.

Testing the keywords for maximum profitability and deciding on the right ones to use would of course determine which phrase we use. Design the navigation scheme according to your instructions.

Develop 5 pages (1. Home page, 2. Article Pages, 3. Web-blog, 4. Contact us, 5. Feedback form page) of new content including the article from your company or you and a link to these article.*
Edit, optimize and incorporate content in the form of text, photographs and images provided by you into the website.
Optimize the website for search engine positioning using keywords relevant to your market.

Incorporate a new strategy that I have been using, for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to date it has proven to be an extremely effective strategy, it is quite acceptable to the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. We also help you to create Facebook product or company page for fast search engine visibility.

Create Google Tracker page to track your visitor’s. Create a Site Index to maximize search engine positioning for your website. A Site Index is one of your most valuable pages and should be included in every website you build.
Create a Contact Us page that minimizes spam email messages coming to you from your website.
Create a Newsletter sign up page that pops under your home page when it is first loaded in a visitor’s Browser.
Provide several other proprietary page optimization and traffic generation solutions for your website that have proven extremely effective.

Incorporate a Newsletter subscription form into the home page of your website to further encourage visitors to join your mailing list. This form is in addition to the subscriber pop under page mentioned above. This type of subscription form has been proven to increase subscriber signups by up to 300% over asking people to simply click on a link or using a subscriber pop up page in isolation. Provide technical support after the website is online.

While 10 pages of content plus other pages is a small website, it is an excellent start for your online marketing Business.


The following site map is proposed. The site map may change during the development of the website.

Home Page – this is the general page and will introduce your company
Article Pages – up to 10 Search Engine optimized article pages, provided by you
A Newsletter sign up page
A Contact Us page– including your company address, phone and an online contact form to minimize spam email messages
A detailed Site Map – an outline of your website to aid both people and Search Engines finding your web pages


· HTML (hyper text markup language)

· CSS (cascade style sheet)

· PHP (hypertext preprocessor)

· Javascript

· Jquery

· Ajax


We have made the following assumptions:
Up to two images per page averaged across the site. Images are defined as photographs, illustrations, animations, and custom graphics. Features common to every page of the design (banners, icons, menu graphics, etc.) are not considered images. We will provide one months of follow up program to optimize your website Search engine submission of pages is done by SW.


Website Development – Please contact us for your specific situation (This price includes one week of email coaching and assistance with website marketing)
Payment can be made by two installments in cash or esewa for payment if you are happy with this proposal.


Savvy Web Pvt. Ltd. will provide periodic website maintenance and support at the rate of minimum Rs. 5,000 per year at your request.

Website maintenance is included in the quoted Design Fees, however as our client, we want to help you succeed in any way we can. Therefore if you have a website related problem at any time, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help.

We guarantee that we will work to the best of our abilities to help you to make your web Business successful. We want you to be totally delighted with your new website.

You will still have to create new content over time for your site to achieve top search engine rankings, but this will provide you with a very good start online.

If you contract us to build your website and you aren’t happy with anything, we want you to tell us, and we’ll fix it.

There’s no risk for you…it’s all on SW. If we don’t perform, you don’t pay us!

The only request we have in order for me to buy what I’ve created back and refund your money is that you tell me that you aren’t happy with my work by Telephone, Email or Facebook notification.

Now of course, there’s no way we can promise you that your website will make any amount of profit, because there are too many factors outside of our control.

But if you aren’t happy with the work we’ve done at any stage of your website’s development, right up to your site’s final completion and before you pay me your final installment, let me know.

If you have any questions about this quote, your new website, or websites in general, or any web and networking related queries please feel free to contact us.