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The Savvy Web is a digital marketing company on the cutting edge of Web technology. We strive to deliver interactive marketing experiences that communicate the most unique aspects of your company. By engaging your online audience with clean design, resourceful content and genuine interaction, our online marketing campaigns will help you build brand awareness, increase traffic and increase sales.

Data Analysis: What Search Engines Look at?

Search engines look at a combination of over 200 factors to determine what pages should rank for which queries. These factors include:

1. Information on the web pages (known as on-page factors), such as:
v Page content
v Title heading

2. Off-site factors also come into play. These factors incorporate:
v How reputable is the page linking to you
v What words are being used to link to you
v How long the link to you has existed

3. It’s the combination of on-site and off-site factors that determine your search engine rankings.

This is not the end as search engines change its algorithm for search result to display, but regular content update and new content publishing is the only way to rule the search engine first place.

How Search Engine Works

Spiders, or web crawlers, scan the content of web pages. They send the results of their scan back to the algorithm to be broken down and analyzed. If the spiders encounter a link to another page or website these links are stored. Eventually other spiders crawl the linked-to pages. Therefore, the more links from other websites and pages your website has, the more frequently your website is visited and crawled.

What Search Engine do?
1. Keyword research and analysis for a maximum (n) of keywords or phrases.
2. Competitive analysis for main keywords.
3. Analysis of site architecture and linking structure.
4. Analysis of HTML and page design structure.
5. Modifications to essential page text elements for achieving satisfactory search engine placement.
6. Recommendations for improvement of page titles and meta tags for (n) site pages.
7. Hand submission of web site to major search engines and/or directories.
8. Analysis and recommendations for external links to site.
9. Design Facebook page for more traffic.
10. Use Google analytic page to track visitors.